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Other Legal Services

Robert Flessas provides a host of other legal services to help you. Areas of practice including Drunk Driving Defense, Divorce, Contracts, Wills, Judgment Satisfactions, Real Estate Transactions, Landlord/Tenant Law and Traffic Citations. Below you will find information and links to our Drunk Driving Defense and Divorce websites. More sites will be posted here soon!

Drunk Driving Defense

I defend drivers arrested for drunk driving in Wisconsin and serve clients in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties.


If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, it’s in your best interest to contact me immediately. Why? Your rights could be affected and you may not even know it. There are many phases of a drunk driving case. Many times, my review of a case results in finding a meritorious defense that could be used to either dismiss your case, or amend it to a charge other than drunk driving.


But, you won’t know the possible defenses unless you allow me to review the circumstances surrounding your arrest.


Getting divorced doesn’t have to be a struggle. We provide legal representation for child custody and placement, child support, maintenance, division of personal property and retirement accounts, and expert representation when dealing with the marital home.


Our retainer and rates are fair and reasonable.


If you have children and/or assets, the Martial Settlement Agreement is the contract between you and your former spouse that will control the terms of the divorce into the future. Why take a chance and do it on your own?

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