Life After Bankruptcy | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy | $550 - 950 Flat Fee | Robert Flessas
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Life After Bankruptcy

Now that you have received your Discharge Order from the Court and your dischargeable debts have now been eliminated, you are no longer legally responsible for the payment of those debts. How do you begin to establish your credit once again?


The following are helpful tips to improve your credit and identify post-bankruptcy scams.

Secured Credit Card

Once of the best methods to improve your credit score and possibly obtain a credit card, is to open a secured credit card account with a local bank or credit union. To obtain a secured credit card, Banks and Credit Unions will require your to deposit funds into an account. These funds will be used as a “security deposit” to protect the bank or credit union in the event that you default on your secured credit card account.

Use of a secured credit card provides you with the opportunity to establish your creditworthiness over time with the goal of obtaining a real credit card with responsible use of the secured credit card.

The following helpful links direct you to some banking institutions that offer secured credit cards. We are not endorsing any of these institutions and are only providing this links for your convenience. You can select any banking institution that you wish.


There are scammers out there using robot calls pretending to be the Internal Revenue Service. The phone call usually tells you that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against you. They provide a phone number that they want you to call to get “additional information”.


If you aren’t aware by now, the IRS never calls you on the phone. The IRS communicates to citizens exclusively via the US postal service.

Here are 2 samples of the phone scam. The first audio is a female voice, and the second audio is a male voice.


Obviously, you never call the phone number that they provide, nor do you ever pay anything to this scammer. Hang up!