IMPORTANT ALERT: Tax refunds are subject to seizure by the bankruptcy trustee. If you anticipate receiving a tax refund, you should prepare your tax returns prior to filing bankruptcy to determine your exact refund amount, then call us immediately to find out how we can protect your refund from trustee seizure.

IMPORTANT BENEFIT: You are allowed to use your tax refund to pay for your bankruptcy costs! Our bankruptcy price will increase soon. Put down a small amount with us now to reserve today’s price.


[Download the Quick Version Here]

(1) Gather the documents that apply to you.

(2) Complete PRE-Filing Counseling Course. (Rates subject to change. You are not required to use the agency links shown below.)

CC Advising:  Cost $9.76. Use this provider if you are filing individually without a spouse,.  Cost increases to $50 if you take this course on a smart phone.

DebtorCC: Cost $14.95 – Use this course provider if you are filing jointly with a spouse.

(3) Pay $750 Attorney Fee (Pay online , or via US Mail, or in person)

(4) Petition is prepared and filed with the Court.

(5) Pay filing fee of $335 in easy monthly installments directly to the Court. (Payments commence about 1-month after filing)

(6) Complete POST-Filing Counseling Course. [Joint or Individual Filers $9.95]  (Rates subject to change. You are not required to use the agency link shown above)

(7) Attend a brief creditor meeting before the bankruptcy trustee.

(8) Approximately 3 months after filing, your debts are discharged!



[Download the Long Version Here]




This simple test determines if you are truly unable to pay your debts. If your monthly income is less than the median income for a family of your size in Wisconsin, then you qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Call us at (262) 821-5533 to learn if you qualify. You will need to provide your gross income from the last 6 months.

If you qualify, then you you can proceed, but you need to gather your information. The bankruptcy code requires you to disclose all of your creditors, debts, assets, monthly income, expenses, retirement accounts, payments to creditors (including payments to family members and relatives) and other information. You are basically disclosing all of your financial information.

If you do not want to make all of the required disclosures to the government, then you should not file for bankruptcy.

Click here to review the disclosures that you will be required to make.




We need the following documents. You can deliver these documents to us via our secured portal, personal delivery if you come to our office, fax, email or US Mail

 IF YOU OWN REAL ESTATE – Deed and Mortgage.This applies to your home, rental property and vacant land. The deed provides proof to the trustee that you own the property. If have a mortgage(s), your Mortgage document(s) prove that you owe money on the property. You will need to obtain a certified copy of your deed(s) and mortgage(s) from the register of deeds office of the county where the property is located. There is a fee that you pay to the register of deeds for this service. This section applies if you own a mobile home – the title to the home is required.

Vehicle Title(s).If you own any vehicles, including boats, motorcycles, ATV’s, etc., we will need a copy of either your vehicle title(s) or Confirmation of Ownership document. Either of these documents prove your ownership of a vehicle(s) to the bankruptcy trustee who administers your case. A vehicle registration document is not acceptable by the trustee.  If you financed the purchase of your vehicle, the creditor holds the title. When you pay off the loan, the creditor will deliver the title to you. If you do not have a copy of your title, you can obtain a document called “Confirmation of Ownership” from the DMV by calling (608) 264-7447 and enter Option #2. A DMV representative will send you an application to obtain the Confirmation of Ownership form. Download the instructions to obtain a Confirmation of Ownership by clicking here.

Income Tax Returns.We need complete copies of the last 2 years of both your federal and state tax returns. If you don’t have your Wisconsin income tax return, click here to obtain a copy. If you don’t have your Federal income tax return, click here to obtain a copy. VERY IMPORTANT: Tell us if you are going to receive a tax refund over $1,250 ASAP.

Proof of ANY Income. If you are employed as a W-2 wage earner, we need pay stubs from the last 6 months. If you are self-employed, we need a simple profit and loss statement showing your income and expenses from the last 6 months. If you derive income from any other source (food stamps, SSI, etc), proof of your benefit is required.

Bank Accounts, Pensions, 401(k), Retirement Accounts, Stocks. If you have any retirement accounts and/or financial accounts, please provide that documentation that shows its value. We also need copies of your latest bank account statements to show your bank balances on the day of filing of your petition.


If you OWE MONEY to a bank for overdraft fees, and you also have savings/checking accounts with the same bank, your bank can use the balance that is in your account(s) on the date that you file for bankruptcy to pay debt that you owe the bank. If you need that money, BEFORE YOUR FILE BANKRUPTCY, you should move your funds to a different bank. If your payroll is auto-deposited into the same bank that you owe money to, before filing bankruptcy, make arrangements with your employer’s pay roll department to deposit your payroll into another bank.

Child Support/ Domestic Support Obligations. If you are the payor, we need the address and telephone number of the person that is the payee.

Recent Inheritance.If you inherited any money, real estate, or personal property, that information will have to be disclosed and may be subject to trustee seizure. If you expect to inherit money within 6 months of filing your bankruptcy, you will have to disclose that information to the trustee. Talk to us about this issue before you file. You may want to delay your filing.

Payments to Relatives, Friends, Other Creditors.Any payments to family members, relatives, friends, or other creditors for repayment of debt that totals over $600 are required to be disclosed to the trustee and indicated on your bankruptcy petition. Talk to us about this issue before you file.

Garnishments. If your wages are being garnished, contact us immediately. If you paid over $600 in the 90-days prior to filing a bankruptcy case, more likely than not, we can recover that money for you. Call us for details.



OPTION #1 – Enter Your Information Electronically – EASIEST!

[Click Here to Request Portal Access]

No need to come to our office! You can do everything online! Once you request portal access, you will receive an email giving you to access. Then, begin the task of entering your creditors (debt), assets, monthly income, expenses, retirement accounts and other information online at your leisure. You can also securely upload the required documents to us using this portal. Once completed, your information is securely transmitted back to us for our review and use on your bankruptcy petition.


If you don’t have the time to enter your creditors, we can enter them for you for a $50 flat-fee (This fee is added to our $750 attorney fee). Sign, date and return an authorization allowing us to download your creditor information from a credit reporting agency. Click here to download the authorization.

Once you complete the entry of your portal information (without entering your creditors), you can pay our attorney fee of $750, plus $50.

OPTION #2 – Enter Your Information Manually

[Click here to download form]

Mail it! Used by clients who are unable to use Option #1 and live too far from our offices. This downloadable form is the print version of the electronic portal. Complete the information and deliver this form to us by email, fax, US Mail, or personal delivery. Hint: Use USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.

OPTION #3 – Bring Your Information to Us In Person

If you live within a reasonable distance from our office, you can make an appointment and bring your information to us. We’re 1 block from Pewaukee Beach. 131 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 103, Pewaukee, WI 53072.




A credit report will verify most, if not all, of the debt that you owe. Consumers can download a free credit report online once every 12 months. Our clients use to obtain a free report. This site provides very comprehensive credit reports from Experian, Transunion and Equifax. No credit card is required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not rely exclusively on your credit report to identify debt! Find and use your creditor statements, or call your creditors to obtain updated information. You should even answer harassing creditor calls to obtain the following account information:

  • If a collection agency calls, get the company name and address and the original creditor’s name and address. If the original creditor calls, get the same information.
  • Account Number.
  • Date you incurred the debt.
  • Classification of the debt. (Credit Card, Healthcare, Pay Day Loan, etc.).
  • Amount owed.

Listing all of your debt on your petition is critical. The court will charge you another fee each time you add creditors after the filing of your petition.



Obtain Your PRE-FILING Counseling Certificate

Before your petition is filed, you must take a 1- hour PRE-filing credit counseling course. A certificate of completion is provided by the credit counseling agency. You can take this course online or by phone. The price for counseling varies by service provider.

A second POSTt-filing counseling course must be completed soon after your case is filed with the bankruptcy court. This course takes approximately 2-hours to complete.

The following is a list of some counseling agencies that we found to be inexpensive. You can use any other agency of your choice. Prices are subject to change without notice.

                                        PRE-Filing Course:

CC Advising:  Cost $9.76. Use this provider if you are filing individually without a spouse,.  Cost increases to $50 if you take this course on a smart phone. 

DebtorCC: Cost $14.95 – Use this course provider if you are filing jointly with a spouse.

BY PHONE: Pre-filing course is now offer by Call (844) 378-2961 to complete. Cost: $20.

                                       POST-Filing Course:

DebtorCC charges $9.95 – PER HOUSEHOLD Online.
101 Credit Counseling charges $6.95 – PER HOUSEHOLD online.

BY PHONE: Post-filing course is now offer by Call (844) 378-2961 to complete. Cost: $20.

You can select any counseling agency that you wish. Here’s another agency:

Academy of Financial Literacy (Pre-Filing: $17.95/couple. Post-Filing $14.95/couple)

When you register, make sure that you enter our email address so that the counseling agency emails a copy of your completion certificate to us. Our email is If you are married and filing jointly, both you and your spouse must each complete the course and provide individual certificates.



CONTACT US!  (262) 821-5533




Before you file, you should read the Debtor Information. [Click Here to Download] This multiple page form lists all of the information that you will be required to disclose to the federal government. If you are not interested in disclosing this information to the government, then you should not file for bankruptcy.