Required Documents

Thank you for your interest in our Flat Fee Chapter 7 Bankruptcy program! Follow this list to gather the required documents, information and other requirements in order to prepare to file. Document delivery is acceptable as follows: (1) Log into our secured portal and upload PDF documents (please label correctly). (2) Deliver via carrier. (3) Fax. (4) Personal delivery (5) Email (PDF documents only).

Tax Returns

Complete copies of the last 2 years of both your federal and state tax returns. If you do not have your Wisconsin income tax return, click here to obtain a copy. If you do not have your Federal income tax return, click here to obtain a copy. [Video Explanation]


If you are employed as a W-2 wage earner, we need pay stubs from the last 6 months from any employer showing your gross income and any payroll deductions. 

If you are self-employed, we need a simple profit and loss statement (P&L) showing your income and expenses from the last 6 months. We will provide you with a template to create this simple P&L statement.

Income includes government benefits (Food Share, Social Security Benefits and Maintenance and Child Support income). You must provide us with proof of any income. [Video Explanation]


Vehicles include cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, campers, ATV’s, etc. 

We will need a copy of either your vehicle title or Confirmation of Ownership document to prove ownership. A registration document is unacceptable. 

If you do not have your title, you must obtain a Confirmation of Ownership from the Wisconsin DMV by calling (608) 264-7447. Enter Option #2. A DMV representative will confirm your identity on the phone and your will receive your Confirmation of Ownership in approximately 1 week by USPS. [Video Explanation]

Download the instructions to obtain a Confirmation of Ownership by clicking here.

Financial Accounts

This category includes any financial accounts including checking, savings, retirement, pensions, stock accounts, IRA, 401(k), etc.

Documentation is required to show the value, account number and entity that administers your account.

For bank accounts, we will need the last 4 digits of any account (please designate by type of account), the name and address of your bank, and the exact balance on the day that your case is filed with the court.

Some trustees will require 90 days of bank statements from the date of your filing. Be prepared to produce these documents if requested by us.  [Video Explanation]

NOTE: If you owe money to a bank for overdraft fees or charges, and you also have accounts with the same bank with positive balances, be advised that your bank can use the balance in any of your account(s) to recover delinquent fees or charges owed them from your positive accounts.

 If you do not want those funds, then BEFORE YOUR BANKRUPTCY IS FILED, you should move your funds to a different bank.

If your payroll is deposited into the same bank that you owe money to, before filing bankruptcy, make arrangements with your employer’s payroll department to deposit your payroll into another bank.

Deed and Mortgage

If you own a home, rental property, vacant land, trailer home, or any type of real estate, this section applies to you.

The deed provides proof of ownership.

If you have a mortgage, your mortgage document proves that there is a lien on the property.

You will need to obtain a certified copy of your deed(s) and mortgage(s) from the register of deeds office of the county where the property is located.

There is a fee that you pay to the register of deeds office for this service.

This section also applies if you own a mobile home – the title to the home is required. [Video Explanation]

Other Required Information

Child Support/Family Support

If you pay child support, you must provide the name and address of the recipient, the monthly amount that you pay, and the method used to pay the support. [Video Explanation]


If your wages are being garnished, we will need the Creditor’s name and the first pay period that the wages were seized. We may be able to get that money back to you! [Video Explanation]

Payments to Relatives, Friends, Creditors

Any payments over $600 to family members, relatives, friends or other “preferred” creditors over the course of 1-year is required to be disclosed on your petition. We will need the name, address, and dates of payments and amounts for each person or entity receiving payments. [Video Explanation]

Child Support/Maintenance

If you pay child support or maintenance, provide the recipients name, address and method used for payment. [Video Explanation]

Recent Inheritance

In you inherited or are eligible to inherit, money, personal property or real estate, you must disclose the type of property and value received or to be received. This requirement applies 6-months before and after the filing of your bankruptcy petition. [Video Explanation]

Pre-Filing Credit Counseling Course

Before your case is filed, you must complete a PRE-Filing credit counseling course and obtain a Certificate of Completion. There are many approved providers, but cost vary. Get this done right away! The following providers are reasonably priced:

CC Advising: Cost $9.76. Use this provide if you are filing individually without a spouse. Their cost increases to $50 if you attempt to use your smart phone to take the course online.

DebtorCC: Cost $14.95 per couple. Use this provider if you are filing jointly with your spouse.

PHONE: Cost $25. offers the course by phone if you do not have internet access. Call (844) 378-2961. 

Free Credit Report

A credit report will verify most, if not all, of the debt that you owe. Consumers can download a free credit report every 12-months. [Video Explanation]

Our clients use This site provides free credit reports from Experian, Transunion and Equifax. No credit card is required. We prefer Transunion credit reports, as their report is very concise.

NOTE: Do not rely exclusively on your credit report to identify your debt. Find and use your most recent creditor statement, or call your creditors to obtain updated information.

You should even answer harassing creditor calls and use them to obtain information on your account.

We need the following information:

  1. Company name and address. If a collection agency calls, obtain their address and the original creditor’s name and address.
  2. Account Number.
  3. Date you incurred the debt.
  4.  Classification of the debt (Credit Card, Healthcare, PayDay Loan, etc.).
  5. Amount owed.

Listing all of your debt on your petition is crucial. There are additional fees incurred each time you add creditors after the filing of your petition.

Monthly Expenses

Make an accurate list of your monthly expenses. Almost everyone under estimates their monthly expenses, especially food! Download this helpful guide to prepare a list of your monthly expenses. If you use our portal, you do not need to download this form.  [Video Explanation]

Personal Property

List all of your personal property that you own. Start by going through each room where you reside. Make a list of all of the big items (i.e. – sofa, coffee table, bed, dresser, etc) for each room. The smaller items you can group (i.e. Miscellaneous kitchen utencils, small hand tools, miscellaneous clothing, etc.).

Download this property guide to help you itemize. If you use our portal, you do not need to download this form. [Video Explanation]

General Info

Before you file, you should read this Debtor Information document by clicking here. This multi-page document lists all of the information that you will be required to disclose to the federal government. If you are not interested in disclosing this information to the government, then you should not file for bankruptcy.