When a debtor receives a discharge of their debts, judgments that appear on the circuit court public records are also theoretically discharged, but will still appear as unsatisfied on the public record.

Therefore, there is one last important step that a debtor must take regarding a judgment or multiple judgments appearing on the public record (CCAP).

Just because a debtor received a discharge does not mean that the judgments appearing on the public record show that the unsatisfied judgment was discharged in bankruptcy.

After receipt of a discharge order, the debtor must make application to the circuit court for the county where the judgment appears for an Order of Satisfaction of Judgment Due to Discharge in Bankruptcy.

The application for each judgment requires the payment $5 to clerk of courts.

This task is not part of our $750 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Service. However, if a debtor would like us to perform this task, whether that debtor used us to file their bankruptcy or not, the debtor can contact us for a price quote.