Attorney Robert Flessas | CH 7 Bankrutpcy $950 | Divorce | OWI Defense | Real Estate
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Attorney Robert Flessas


With over 29 years of legal experience, Robert provides outstanding and personable service to clients in the areas of bankruptcy, divorce, drunk driving defense and real estate.


Robert provides regular case updates so you know the progress of your matter, giving you the ability to make informed decisions along the way. Attorney fees won’t break your bank either because they’re very reasonable.


Robert serves Chapter 7 Bankruptcy clients from all over the state of Wisconsin. Robert’s bankruptcy knowledge gives clients the financial fresh start they deserve. For a flat attorney fee of $950, he eliminates overbearing debt within approximately 90 days of case filing. Many satisfied clients refer their friends, co-workers and family members because they received great service and at a very reasonable price.


Divorce clients find Robert to be sympathetic to their needs when ending their marriage. Get what you deserve with enforcement of equal division of your marital property, along with vigorous enforcement of  the custody and placement of your children.


Receive a thorough examination of your drunk driving charges, including the evaluation of the events leading up to your arrest. Robert defends your rights during the entire course of your case in both in civil and criminal prosecutions. He doesn’t allow prosecutors to walk all over him. Robert fights for you!


Real estate clients benefit from Robert’s 32 years of residential transactional knowledge for both buyers and sellers. Also, Landlords from all over the USA call on Robert to protect their interest in Wisconsin courts.